Thaddeus Jones Plan for a Better Calumet City
  • Hire 50 NEW police officers (2 dedicated officers per ward)
  • Implement a strong community policing program
  • Return the $2.7 million a year spent on legal fees back to the community
  • Repair the city's underground sewer system to alleviate flooding
  • Create a downtown community district
  • Address the nearly 497 foreclosed homes in Calumet City
  • Create jobs for community members; not for friends and families as the Mayor and Alderman have created for themselves
  • Create a residency program for all city employees
Fighting for Safer Nieghborhoods

Thaddeus understands that Calumet City has a serious crime problem and it can be solved through:

  • Creating a community policing bike patrol program
  • Implementing a strong violence prevention program for all wards
  • Hold criminals accountable for crime in our community
Fighting to Lower Your Water and Tax Bills
  • Thaddeus will reduce residents water bills by implementing an ordinance charging residents a flat rate for water service instead of the $7.81/per 1000 gallons
  • Implement a water payment plan for residents who have financial hardships
  • Create a micro loan business program to assist struggling business owners
  • Implement an infrastructure trust program for new development in Calumet City